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All-Star Locations, Inc. will supply the Location and Fee Agreement which will have some of the written terms of this disclaimer for both the Property Owner and the client referred to as “Company” to sign off on.

All-Star Locations will always provide the location and fee agreement for each booked location through All-Star Locations, Inc. Any sign off agreements needed from the “Company” will be signed off by All-Star Locations, Inc. in representation of the Property Owner.

A Certificate of Insurance for General Liability & Third Party Property Damage for the minimum of 1,000.000.00 (one million dollars) must be supplied naming Property Owner and All-Star Locations, Inc. as additionally insured.

All fees for the location, any overtime rates applied, cancellation fees and replacement value of damages on the property will be paid directly to All-Star Locations, Inc. and in turn, All-Star Locations, Inc. will pay the Property Owner directly.

All location fees are made payable upon arrival on day one of prep or shoot days. Unless otherwise requested a check ahead for out of state or out of the United States clients. Overtime fees or cancellation fees will be itemized on each location and fee agreement.

All-Star Locations Inc. takes great pride in preserving and protecting private property that will be utilized through All-Star Locations for production and advertising purposes and would like to have our clients honor the same attitude and actions.


1: Any of All-Star Locations, Inc. properties viewed and picked from this web site and/or electronic mail processing from All-Star Locations, Inc. need to be booked by All-Star Locations, Inc. for present and future bookings.

2: If any of All-Star Locations, Inc.’s properties is directly booked by the ‘Company” referring to Advertising Companies, Production Companies, Catalog Companies, Magazines, or Special Events without the knowledge or consent of All-Star Locations, Inc. then a fine of double the location fee quoted will be paid directly to All-Star Locations, Inc. for loss revenue.


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3: The “Company” can not communicate or contact property owners directly or indirectly even through a third party or release of their contact name or number from the Company to the Property Owners or left on location. All communications pertaining to the property and/or Property Owner are addressed through All-Star Locations, Inc.’s office or All-Star Locations, Inc.’s on site representative.

4: Any freelance production crew and/or location departments working with the “Company” need to abide by All-Star Locations, Inc. terms and conditions and any communications pertaining to any of All-Star Locations properties need to be directed to All-Star Locations, Inc. and not to the property owners.

5: All-Star Locations, Inc.s web site locations are subject to changes and availability.

6: Because of possible alterations and changes to properties we suggest that a “tech scout” or “walk through” on the property be done prior to the booking of the location.